Adults, Teens, Children...You will see a difference in just a few weeks...

Teacher, Songwriter, Performer, and Music Arranger, Anna Lyman

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WELCOME!       ~ Vocal studies that make a difference ~

DON'T LET FEAR STOP YOU!   As a voice teacher, live performer, and songwriter/arranger, I meet a lot of people with ability, who would like to improve the quality of their singing voice, but they are afraid to take the first step, so they never improve. How sad!   Instead, I encourage you to get moving toward your goals.  I offer regular weekly lessons for younger students and adults. Students - study with me and you will IMPROVE! Adults may take a lesson or two as needed, or by the month.   Adults may study for a month or two, or longer as needed. ANY STYLE! Check out my other teaching page My Main Vocal Lesson Site: OR   REGISTER"

The portion of Anna Lyman's waiting room, leading into the studio. I am pleased to be able to offer, Adults! Custom Vocal training designed just for you! Your vocal lessons would be by the month. In Greater Victoria, the fee is $30-40. per 1/2 hr. lesson. If you wish to include the recording of your mp3 demo we can agree on a doable fee. If we are mixing your song down to an mp3 demo track, the fee is very affordable, and most times the final mixdown can take pace during a lesson or two.

We will evaluate your vocal study needs, and together, create your learning schedule: We will tailor your learning schedule to your goals.
    A Few Topics are listed below...
  •   Voice Production and warmups, dynamics
  •   Exercises to increase vocal flexibility, range, lyric diction, etc.
  •   Care strategies to prevent vocal tension and problems with the voice
  •   Performance strategies, tone, improv, styling
  •   Recording, stage strategies, and much more...
LIVE PERFORMANCE: With my World, Latin and Jazz quartet, and other band, Jazzalele, I sing Nostalgic Top 40, Hawaiian Luaus, Latin parties, Jazz shows and more! I perform everywhere from weddings to Jazz Festivals and clubs, including CBC Radio, Resorts, Victoria International Airport, Butchart Gardens, Hotel's fine dining establishments, Wineries, Expo (the world's fair), and more... My goal is always to inspire you, and help you.

Best regards always,
Anna (Acevedo) Lyman
(778)-265-1047 in Greater Victoria