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The PNE Star Showdown
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Music can bring you a great career, lifelong pleasure, or just lots of fun and enjoyment playing along with your friends! Anna Acevedo Lyman, B.Mus, Recording Artist and Instructor


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Located in the University District, Nanaimo,BC

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Email annalyman(AT), or phone to register. Landline: 250-754-4982.

One of my previous students has made a splash in Vancouver, winning the PNE Competition - Congratulations to Jayden Holman!

HOW TO GET YOUR! - Up to $500. TAX Deductible RECEIPT, for students up to the age of 16, for being in a regular music study program like mine. that continues for at least eight weeks. If you start in Sept., or at the latest, January, and remain enrolled until the spring recital, you will qualify for the entire $500. tax credit.

Download Canada's NATIONAL ANTHEM sheet music. Go to Canada's National ANTHEM PAGE for mp3s etc. Call me (250-754-4982)to get help with your rendition!

(2011) CONGRATULATIONS! TO our Tierney P. who performed in the vocal competition at the VIEX and competed in the finals Aug. 21st. You can hear Tierney in these YOUTUBE renditions: live video, Vocal MP3. We're very proud of you Tierney, and hope this is only the first of your Songbird and other competitions!
Tierney made a Youtube video
Tierney's latest video

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You can Record your Demo

Anna Acevedo Lyman, photo, 2007

You can record your demo!  Study professionally, or for the pure enjoyment!

I am a PROFESSIONAL PERFORMING VOCALIST, TEACHER and Recording Artist, with a, MAJOR in VOCAL Performance, Minor in guitar.

Anna Acevedo Lyman B.Mus, Vocal Instructor, photo by Gordon La Fleur, 2007

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STUDY VOICE, SONGWRITING, or learn to accompany your voice with Ukulele!, You can study for the pure pleasure of it, or I can help you prepare for and make your DEMO!

Your VOICE is unlike any other instrument. You can't safely learn about it by studying any other instrument!   WATCH OUT FOR UNQUALIFIED TEACHERS...They can harm your voice! If they didn't major in voice, they are NOT QUALIFIED, and can actually harm you!

Anna (Acevedo) Lyman, B.Mus., School Admin and VOICE INSTRUCTOR, has a Bachelor of Music, (Voice Major, Guitar Minor) from Vancouver Island University. She has 2 commercially available CDs (2002 and 2008)Performing HOMEPAGE

Anna gets Radio Airplay in the US, Internationally, and some in Canada. She has appeared at a number of Jazz and Music Festivals, such as the Victoria International Jazz Festival. Anna is 1/2 Latinamerican, and grew up in Detroit, the home of Motown Soul. She has Music Festival awards, earned in her early years.

Anna has many years of experience teaching Voice and Guitar, and is now offering ukulele after studying with Hawaiian Masters this summer. Anna also taught a Guitar and Voice accompaniment course at Okanagan University College for 6 years. Anna is a Songwriter and Recording Artist.

In the summer of 2009, a Taiwanese Record Company included two of her recordings in a Compilation CD (Café Bossa 2) being marketed in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Anna works hard to help her Students to sing more effortlessly, and confidently, and will help them to acquire the skills to accompany themselves on Guitar or Ukulele, to record demos for them, and to assist them in their musical and career aspirations, including Songwriting. Call Ph. 250-754-4982

Anna Lyman, Vocal Instructor