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LOCAL MUSIC TALENT, Anna Lyman's new ukulele book "The Ukulele Ensemble Orchestra Repertoire Book II" (2018), also known as "Retro Classics" has been printed for the 2018 Orchestra ensembles in Nanaimo, Parksville and Victoria.

Also Anna's library of ukulele books are available at Tapestry Music in Victoria, and two of her books are available at Tom Lee Music stores, "The Ukulele Student Soloist", and "A Ukulele For Christmas"

SCHEDULE Tuesdays, 11:30 am -12:30 pm,
St. Mary's Anglican Church, Nanoose Bay, on Powder Point Rd. Call 1-778-265-1047 to register. DATES: Tuesdays 11:30-12:30 PM, with a concert each December, and June. See .

Look! SCHEDULE Tuesdays, 3:30 am - 4:30 pm,
at Nancy's house on Thunderbird Drive. Call 1-778-265-1047 to register. Also with a concert each December, and June.

More classes listed on our Ukulele Lessons Page

VIDEOS LOOK!   One Christmas in VICTORIA:
* At Victoria Airport YYJ, Dec. 23, 2015

* At YYJ - Melanie's Story, Dec. 24,2015

* Jazzalele (Anna and Steve) on Shaw, 2013

NOTE: We are currently offering classes instead of the Sing and Strum

Nanaimo ukulele circle needs you! Take part in your art!


     ABOUT THE FOUNDERS, Anna and Steve

   Anna Acevedo Lyman is a recording artist, live performer and instructor, and has a BACHELOR OF MUSIC, MAJORING in Jazz VOCAL Performance, and MINORING in Jazz Guitar. She studied ukulele with HAWAIIAN UKULELE MASTERS: Benny Chong, and others

Steve Sutton is a Pro Bassist and Uke player,
who performs in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, and teaches in Victoria. Steve has an ASSOCIATE OF MUSIC from VIU, (among other degrees). Steve also studied with Hawaiian teachers from Hawaii.

UPDATE: Our Ukulele Orchestra performed a concert in Dec. 2016 and we collected many, many, grocery bags of food for the 2016 Food Hampers by "Loaves and Fishes"  
Watch a video trailer: Brief Video trailer

Buy Fantastic : Ukulele Music arrangments, solo, duo, & more!!

Get Anna's new UKULELE BOOKS!: Anna's Music Book site

  PARKSVILLE UKE St. Mary's Anglican Church, Nanoose Bay! Call Anna at 1-778-265-1047.

UKULELE CIRCLE We are currently running ukulele orchestra classes (and have been since 2012) and are no longer operating the Sing and Strum

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Arranged by Anna! For standard C-tuning
Check out my UKULELE MUSIC page

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